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xiaoqiang tutorial (20) get vision odometer and display the xiaoqiang track in the rviz

  • Xiaoqiang Homepage

    1.Local ssh preparation section (Xiaoqiang host is the controlled end, local refers to remote control end)

    ssh remote login Xiaoqiang host, the following operation is entered in this ssh window if without special statement

    # Please replace with Xiaoqiang's current actual ip address
    # Start multi-window manager

    Screen usage please refer to this tutorial

    Check if the orb_init package has installed

    rospack find orb_init

    Delete if it exists

    cd ~/Documents/ros/src
    rm -r orb_init

    Download the latest version of orb_init from the Bluewhale Open Source Software Store and install it

    cd ~/Documents/ros/src
    git clone

    Check whether startup task is running

    sudo service startup status

    If runing is displayed, it means normal. If stopped is displayed, then restart it

    sudo service startup start
    # If you want to close this task, you can use this command
    sudo service startup stop

    Check system status

    rostopic echo /system_monitor/report

    If it is normal, the display is as follows

    imageStatus: True
    odomStatus: True
    orbStartStatus: False
    orbInitStatus: False
    orbScaleStatus: False
    brightness: 0
    power: 12.34432

    If it is abnormal, restart the startup task.

    sudo service startup restart

    Start ORB_SLAM in another command window in screen

    roslaunch ORB_SLAM ov2610.launch

    Return to the previous screen window and wait for ORB_SLAM to start

    rostopic echo /system_monitor/report
    # If ORB_SLAM is started, the following is displayed
    orbStartStatus: True

    2.Native local operation section

    This machine has been installed ros jade version of the robot system, the computer operating system is ubuntu14.04, ros can be installed to refer to this tutorial.

    Add this machine to Xiaoqiang’s ros network, open a command line terminal locally, and add Xiaoqiang’s ip in the local hosts file.

    sudo gedit /etc/hosts
    Add to xiaoqiang-desktop
    Save and exit
    Please replace with Xiaoqiang's current actual ip address

    Join ros LAN

    export ROS_MASTER_URI=http://xiaoqiang-desktop:11311
    rostopic list

    If the join is successful, the command line will output the topic on Xiaoqiang’s host. For more information about setting up multiple ros machines online, please refer here.

    Download the rviz configuration file. This configuration file can also be copied directly from the orb_init package on Xiaoqiang’s host to view the output path of the Xiaoqiang vision system.

    Enter in local command line terminal


    When the window opens, click on file->open in the upper left corner and select the above downloaded configuration file. At this time the interface should appear as shown below


    3.In ssh in the screen to open a new window, used to start orb_init Xiaoqiang host, before the start to ensure Xiaoqiang around two square meters of free space, Xiaoqiang will move for some time

    rosrun orb_init

    After orb_init initialization is completed, orb_init cannot be closed. It will continue to output the visual odometer topic. This topic is the content that the local rviz needs to display. At this time, a new window is opened to check the system status.

    rostopic echo /system_monitor/report

    If it is normal, the display is as follows

    imageStatus: True
    odomStatus: True
    orbStartStatus: True
    orbInitStatus: True
    orbScaleStatus: True
    brightness: 0
    power: 12.34432

    At this point we have already acquired Xiaoqiang’s visual odometer

    4.In ssh in the screen to open a new window, used to control Xiaoqiang move

    rosrun nav_test

    Use the arrow keys to control the movement of Xiaoqiang. Spacebar is stopped. Ctrl + C exits the program.

    5.As Xiaoqiang moves, the rviz interface on the local machine will be updated to show Xiaoqiang’s trajectory in real time. Our own test video is here. For more information on how to use rviz, see here.

    Xiaoqiang Homepage
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